Orgonite Easter Egg

Orgonite Easter Egg

Shungite Egg

Orgonite Egg with Quartz Crystal and Shungite in the orgonite core. The colour is black.

The egg is the ultimate symbol of abundace and fertility. It's shape combines a sphere with an inscribed pyramid of ideal proportions. 

Shungite on it's own is a powerful styone for radiation protection and it has a distinct energy of it's own.

This egg is just amazing to hold in your hand while meditating.  



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Our gifting trip to Russia in 2016 inspired me to do this. I got an egg of pure shungite there and found that to be a very energising piece. 

Shungite egg from Russia

My Russian Shungite egg. 
The Orgonise Africa Team at St Basil in Moscow
The Orgonise Africa team at St Basil's Cathedral in Moscow 2016. Look at the egg shaped church spire roofs of St Basil's. 

This characteristic roof shape is also often described as onion shaped, but it can be overlayed with the egg. Also inscribed in the shape is the pyramid and the sphere.

geometry of the egg
Some of the geometrical aspects of the egg shown in this diagram

In other words, to combine the harmonious shape of the egg with power of shungite and orgonite seemed a sure bet to me.  



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