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Orgone Key Ring

Orgone Key Ring

Andalusite Pendant

Orgonite Pendant with: Andalusite, Copper leaf, Mica, Shungite, Black Tourmaline and Quartz.

Wear for: Protection from psychic and alien attacks, Grounding, EMF protection.

Andalusite, or Chiastolite, is a stone revered in African tradition for its powerful protective abilities.

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This large Orgonite Pendant has a comforting energy and is a strong protector against psychic and particularly alien influences.

All of our Orgonite Pendants strengthen your bioenergetic field (Aura), revitalise your body and protect you from harmful influences such as electromagnetic radiation (EMF) or negative energies.

Apart from the Orgonite, this pendant contains several crystals and gemstones. It is beaded on waxed cotton with decorative glass and wooden beads. See below for the specific healing properties of each gemstone used.


I talked about Andalusite in my Blog post about my visit to Credo Mutwa in August 2010. Credo told me that Andalusite in its "cross marked" version that is also known as Chiastolite is the only repellent for grey aliens when worn by humans.

Now you may be one of those sceptics that start chuckling in a very "knowing way" as soon as someone mentions aliens. However, these little critters are very well known in African folklore and have been depicted consistently in a very similar way as in the drawings and sketches of "Western" contactees and UFOlogists. Stories of abductions by these creatures are also rife in Africa and Credo has not only experienced such an abduction with genetic-medical experiments himself in the 1960s in Zimbabwe but also helped lots of abductees as a spiritual healer to overcome their trauma.

The figurine below are my six "madindane" that I found on the South African flea markets in 2001 after my first contact with Credo.

Please note they have 6 fingers as reported by numerous contactees especially from South America. (5 fingers shown + opposing thumb)

Feedback from sensitives suggests a warm radiant energy being emitted by this pendant.



Healing properties typically associated with the other gemstones contained in this pendant:


- Andalusite (Chiastolite): Powerful protection against aliens, psychic attacks and general negative energy, highly grounding and harmonising, considered to strengthen connection to the Metaphysical (ie. the Akashic Records)

- Black Tourmaline: Talisman of protection, guards against radiation and environmental pollution, grounding and soothing

- Mica (Glimmer): Shields and protects, Clarity and Flexibility

- Copper Leaf: Increases clarity and mental agility, detoxifying

- Shungite: Powerful gemstone from Russia that protects from EMF radiation

- Copper SBB Coil: Revitalising, particularly when worn over the Heart Chakra.

- Quartz: Mental clarity, always used in Orgonite to amplify the Orgone output




This pendant can be combined nicely with beadwork or integrated in some other piece of jewellery.


Size: Diametre approx 35mm, Thickness approx 12mm in centre; slightly lens-shaped.




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