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Colloidal silver extension for zapper - make your own colloidal silver

Colloidal Silver Kit

Clark Zapper Essential

Clark Zapper Essential

A simple clark-zapper without the orgone enhancements. Ideal to drive your Succor Punch crystals or Miniwands or for simple budget zapping. A simple zapper like the Clark Zapper Essential will kill all your parasites and do all the things that Hulda Clark used to talk about. 

  • Life-Long guarantee: Whatever is wrong with your zapper, you send it back to us, we fix it. You only pay for the postage to us.  
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Clark Zapper without the hassle

This simple clark zapper does everything you expect from a Hulda Clark Zapper with the added convenience that it can be worn around the arm or leg. Clark Zappers are effective within a frequency range from 10 - 30,000 Hz but we found that the lower 15Hz gives us deeper penetration and kills parasites in the intestines more reliably.


clark zapper - easy to wear

Like all our zappers - this simple little parasite clark zapper can be conveniently worn on arm or leg

Specifications of the simple parasite zapper:

  • 15Hz pulsed direct current
  • 2 copper skin contact electrodes attached to box (no cumbersome hand held zapper electrodes needed)
  • 9V rectangular battery (PP3) due to airline restrictions we can not send the 9v battery with the zapper
  • DC input (up to 12V) can be operated from wall transformer (optional)
  • 2.5mm microphone jack for pulsed DC output to drive your orgone howitzer or orgone wand (or handheld electrodes if you really insist)
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