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orgonite earth pipe

Orgonite Earthpipe

Orgonite Towerbuster Dirty Harry

Towerbuster Dirty Harry

Massive Orgone Starter

Save 15%

A massive head start in orgonising your environment! Your life will never be the same again. 1 Standard CB, 100 TBs, 10Earth Pipes and 5 HHGs. This Orgonite kit will turn the energy around for a midsized town at least!

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Start your life as an orgone warrior with an impact!

If you really want to arrive on the plane of orgone gifting with a big bang, this is for you!

A full size Standard Orgonite Cloud Buster, 100 Towerbuster "Dirty Harry", 10 Orgonite Earth Pipes and 5 Standard Orgonite HHG should definitely sort out a mid sized town energetically.

As you may know, a CB needs the spreading of TBs and the effective neutralisation of cell phone towers and other weather modifying DOR-emitters in it's surrounding area in order to become fully effective.

Orgone Earthpipes are specifically designed to infuse the Earth with positive energy. Wherever you sense negative energy lines, underground stuff, may it be etheric or part of the secret NWO infrastructure: That's where you hammer them in.

HHGs are powerful orgone generators and can be used to orgonise your house and garden or neutralise really potent sources of negative energies, such as particularly massive Antenna arrays.

Follow the gifting reports on Etheric Warriors or read Don's gifting compendium here on this site for more clues of how to deploy this positive "fire power" in your corner of the world.

Your life will never be the same again!

What makes it even hotter:

In this orgonite package you save 15% as opposed to buying the items separately, whereby the items are already calculated at bulk prices where applicable.


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