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Orgonite Cloudbuster Don Croft Design

Cloud Buster 28mm

Pop Art Orgonite Pendant for Vitality and Creative Expression

Pop Art Orgonite

Orgonite Dodecahedron

The Fifth Element in Orgonite - Plato assigned each of the primary solids to one of the 5 Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether). The Dodecahedron is the representation of "Ether", the same concept that we call Orgone.

It is the ultimate protective shape.

Revitalise your home and personal space with this beautifully crafted Orgone Generator.

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Orgonite Dodecahedron

The ultimate Orgonite protection for your home and personal space

The Fifth Element = Ether

The dodecahedron is the fourth of 5 platonic solids, primary solids that consist of surfaces with edges of equal length.

5 Platonic Solids

In Plato's philosophy which is thought to have it's deeper roots in the Egyptian mysteries, all these solids were associated with one of the elements. Interestingly, the Dodecahedron was associated with the fifth element ETHER, which is what we call Orgone! (Plato - Dialogue with Timmaeus, c. 360 BC)

We use visualisations of the Dodecahedron for etheric protection and neutralisation of negative entities and thought forms. Apart from being a beautiful "objet d'art" in your space, the Dodecahedron shape maximises the etheric protective aspects of Orgonite.

Friederike has solved the problem of wanting one small crystal point to be in every vertex of the dodec in an ingenious way. She first makes a little round ball of Orgonite that has all the crystal points in the right position - this is the concentrated Orgonite 'reactor core'. The science-fictionesque piece of art is then suspended in the actual dodec mold, where we add mostly gold leaf to the resin to create a precious semitransparent lustre.

We use visualizations of the dodecahedron for etheric protection and for neutralizing negative etheric beings and thought forms.

Apart from its beauty as an art object in your space, the shape of the dodecahedron maximizes the etheric protection aspect of orgonite.

Friederike has ingeniously solved the problem of how to make a crystal point into every corner (vertex) of the finished dodecahedron:

She first makes a small orgonite ball in which all the crystals are mounted in the correct position.

The Orgone core
This is the concentrated orgonite reactor core

The science-fictionesque artwork is then hung in the correct position in the Dodek mould, which is then filled with gold leaf orgonite, giving us a preciously sparkling semi-transparent finish.

The finished dodecahedron

Dimensions: height - 70mm, diameter - 70mm
(This product is handmade and the final product might differ slightly)

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