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Massive positive energy Boost orgonite wand

Orgonite Powerwand

Sugilite Pendant

Sugilite Pendant

St. Buster's Button

Chakra stimulation, tissue regeneration, energising and yet calming. In short: You will just love the feel of it!

Orgonite Button with:

Gold leaf, Black Tourmaline, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Garnet, Neodymium Magnet, SBB copper coil

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The St Buster's Button the absolute classic among the personal Orgonite healing tools!

The Saint Buster's Button has a smooth, shiny surface with rounded edges and lies in the hand naturally. As additions to normal orgonite it features leaf gold, selected healing stones, a neodymium magnet and the SBB coil. It is very useful for healing work, whether you wish to improve your own energy state or you work professionally as a healing practioner.

SBB coil on underside of Orgonite Healing tool "St Buster's Button"

SBB coil

The special coil that was developed for this device has since found application in numerous other Orgone Generators under the name SBB coil (from Saint Buster's Button). This double copper spiral has an activating and energising effect. All energy flows in a vortex form - thus this double vortex-like spiral will help to activate energy flow in the whole body, particularly when placed over an individual area, chakra or other energy point.

The Neodymium Magnet also has healing properties and synergises with the SBB coil to further activate energy flow in the body. 

Applications and observed benefits:

- Stimulation of first 3 chakras

- Increased blood circulation after stroke

- Pain relief

- Stimulation of tissue regeneration

- Calming, meditative effect

- Can help with insomnia and restless sleep


Benefits associated with the gemstones in the St Buster's Button:

- Black Tourmaline: Talisman of protection, guards against radiation and environmental pollution, grounding and soothing

- Quartz: Mental clarity, always used in Orgonite to amplify the Orgone output

- Lapis Lazuli: "Stone of Truth" - opens Throat Chakra, Promotes honesty and self-expression

- Garnet: Promotes willingness for mutual assistance, courage, trust and hope. Generally vitalising on metabolism and healthily active sexuality.

- Turquoise: Strengthening, Clarity, Clear communication

- Gold leaf: Protective, Soothing and warming, Symbolizes confidence and wealth



Diametre approx. 87 mm, height approx. 38 mm

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