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Orgonite TB Slick Jim

Orgonite TB Slick Jim

Limitless Orgone Pendant

Limitless Orgone Pendant

The Maxishield

Protect yourself from the harmful effects of EMF radiation from your cellphone, laptop or tablet. 

The Orgonite Minishield neutralises and transforms detrimental electromagnetic radiation from wireless electronic devices and ensures safe usage.

Added Shungite gives you extra strong protection from EMF!

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Protect yourself from harmful EMF radiation from your cellphone, laptop or tablet with the Orgonite Maxishield. Ideal for Smartphone power users!

The Maxishield is a small Orgonite button that can be attached anywhere on your cellphone or other electronic devices.

Studies show that the electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) emitted by any electronic device that communicates wirelessly have many negative effects on human health. The side effects range from headaches, heating up of the ears while on a call, and dizzyness, to severe consequences like lymphoma and other types of cancer (depending where you most often carry your cellphone). 

Our personal experience and our Plant Growth Experiment show the effectiveness of even a small piece of Orgonite such as the Minishield against this harmful radiation. The Orgonite transforms these harmful frequencies into positive Life Energy - or Orgone Energy. This neutralises the detrimental effects of the EMF radiation and ensures safe use of your cellphone and other electronic devices.

Biofeedback, stress testing, kinesiology and the feedback of our customers show that the typical symptoms of extended cellphone usage such as heating up of adjacent regions of the head, headaches, loss of concentration and memory are not felt at all or to a much lesser extent. The recent experiment regarding the effect of the Maxishield on plant growth under cellphone radiation with and without the Maxishield speaks an even clearer language.Ingredients: Orgone matrix with aluminium and copper, Quartz crystals, crumbs of Amethyst, Garnet and Black Tourmaline


Benefits typically associated with the gemstones in the Maxishield:

- Quartz: Mental clarity, always used in orgonite to amplify the orgone output

- Amethyst: Promotes sobriety and concentration, processing of experiences and perceptions

- Garnet: Promotes willingness for mutual assistance, courage, trust and hope. Generally vitalising on metabolism and healthily active sexuality.

- Black Tourmaline: Talisman of protection, guards against radiation and environmental pollution, grounding and soothing

- Shungite: Purifying and protective qualities



About Shungite:


Shungite is a rare precambrian carbonaceous rock of organic origin which has been found in this form only in Russia, in the Republic of Karelia. It bears the name of a small village called Shunga where it was first discovered.


Scientists claim that the stone is about 2 billion years old and it was forming before life existed on Earth. What makes Shungite such a special mineral is that it has a fullerene-like structure. Fullerenes are one of 4 known crystalline modifications of carbon (others are diamond, graphite and carbon).





Fullerenes are among the most powerful and most long acting antioxidants in a human body fighting free radicals which are the main cause of damage to healthy cells.


This makes Shungite a gift of Mother Nature being able to strengthen human immune system. Today it is often referred to as a healing mineral, the mineral or stone of life due to its famous curative and antibacterial qualities. It is widely used in water purification (more and more companies use it as the major filtering element), EMF protection from computers, microwave ovens, TV sets, mobile phones, etc. and energy healing.


Russian scientists have proven that Shungite water is a good remedy against a whole plethora of diseases. If you have skin related diseases, chronic respiratory disease, headaches, backaches, rheumatism or digestive issues, Shungite water is what you need. This explains why Shungite baths are so popular nowadays.


Natural and energy healers consider bringing Shungite to a broader public to be a breakthrough of 21st century in their fields of healing. Shungite, as well as the products made on its basis, are known to contribute to recovery and promotion of growth in living organisms (skin, hair). Shungite stones stimulate and promote most of the Chakras and are a universal body and personal energy guard. It brings emotional and mental balance.


Its perfect filtering and antibacterial properties make it a good natural remedy against the whole list of the disease like high blood pressure, sore throat, insomnia, skin related diseases and many other ones. It is not surprising that the scientists and doctors call the Shungite stone a miracle stone of today!


Like any stone that we use in our Orgone generators, the healing properties of Shungite are greatly amplified and ameliorated by the energy of the basic Orgonite mix.



The Orgonite Maxishield is 54mm (2") in diameter. The back has double-sided tape already attached and can be easily attached to the back of your cellphone or other electronic device. You can also attach it to your cellphone case as long as the surface is flat.

We recommend to wipe the surface of your cellphone with a wet tissue or alcohol wipe before application to remove extra grease. 


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