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Orgonise Africa Blog

  1. When the cookie crumbles

    Supervillain or philantropist and visionary entrepreneur?

    How would you even spot a real supervillain? It's not like they'll dress up in a costume and have a German accen like the movies, is it?

    For many years I have been wondering what it will look like when this whole haunting clown show comes to an end. 

    Here are a few thoughts at the end of the year.

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  2. Das Ende der Welt (die wir kennen)

    Megabösewicht oder visionärer Unternehmer

    Woran würdest Du denn einen richtigen Superbösewicht erkennen? Es ist ja nicht so, daß sie sich in einem Kostüm verkleiden und mit dickem deutschem Akzent Englisch sprechen, oder?

    Seit vielen Jahren frage ich mich, wie es wohl aussehen wird, wenn dieser ganze Spuk ein Ende hat. 

    Hier ein paar Gedanken zum Jahresende. 


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  3. Lament for Lahaina

    A burnt offering for Baal / Molech or just a row of stupid coincidences?

    Forest fires and firestorms everywhere. The UN Secretary General has upgraded us from "Global Warming" to "Global Boiling".

    Orange-red colored weather maps with mild temperatures, record temperatures measured at ground level over heated tar surfaces, while at the same place the normal themometers show pleasant summer temperatures and an endless bombardment with bad news: All these are supposed to enable the insane change of course towards the abolition of mankind as we know it. 

    Let's take a closer look at the latest horror on the Hawaiian island of Maui:  

    Either an unfortunate combination of negligence, incompetence, triggered by random natural events, or part of the satanic game of the elites?

    You decide for yourself what you want to believe.

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  4. In the Summertime

    Climate hysteria going over board now

    All over the world we are being bombarded with alarming news regarding ever new alleged heat records. The planet seems on fire if we follow the narrative, but is this really so? 

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  5. Is Freedom a dirty word now?

    declaration of independence - freedom or tyranny

    In a crazy twist of meaning, freedom lovers are now called "fascists" by some, when the true meaning of that word is actually the merger of state and corporate power.
    And isn't that what we're seeing before our eyes?
    Especially since March 2020, when the elites brought us the bio-security state with total censorship in public-private partnership, now predicably merging into the 3rd world war with austerity, de-industrialisation and depopulation. 
    This is exactly what fascism means. Of course, what we have now is a new packaging, a new brand:
    Instead of stormtroopers marching in lockstep, the enforces now come with with pink or green hair, demonstrative sexual explicitness (as long as you don't procreate, because that's now verboten) and the "you can be what you want" - madness of identity confusion.

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  6. Orgonite and Crystals - a Clarification

    Is this really orgonite? What is the definitgion of orgonite? What role do crystals play in orgonite?

    The rampant proliferation of "New Age Orgonite", full of coulourful tumblestones, fancy coils and without any metal filings makes it necessary to have a good look at Orgonit's Origins and what it really is. Surprise - Surprise: The first orgonite did not contain any crystals at all and yet was provably powerful and effective. Are crystals then superfluous? That's also not true, but they work on a different level than the orgonite itself. I'm trying here to clarify the relation between the two.  

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  7. Zapping against that devillish prick?

    Zapping against that devillish prick?

    This post is going to be controversial with all the censorship going on around CV19 and vaccines. Who would have thought that we would ever have to duck and dive in order to express our opinions in those allegedly "democratic" countries most of us live in? 
    The people who brought us the plandemic are now out and about trying to get everyone vaccinated with their experimental RNA-shots as soon as possible, putting enormous pressure on people with promises of relative freedom once you have accepted to become a lab rat for them. Many corporate companies even threaten dismissal of those who don't get the prick. 

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  8. Orgonite and 5g - how does it help?

    A lot of people are very worried about 5g. How can orgonite help to mitigate the dangers of 5g electromagnetic radiation and make you feel vital and healthy despite the ever more dense elctromagnetic soup? Connections between the 5g rollout and the symptoms of the Corona have been suggested however vehemently the medical establishment is denying any possible link.    


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  9. Orgonite against Tyranny

    Orgonite against Tyranny

    From time to time it is good to reflect on the origins of the orgonite movement. It really started as a counterinsurgence against the tyrannical "New World Order". 

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  10. High Court Busted

    High Court Busted

    Liberty Fighters Network's Reyno De Beer taking his spectacular legal battle against the draconic COVID regulations a step further by asking the Court to declare the government of South Africa IN CONTEMPT OF COURT and arrest Minister Dlamini Zuma. Orgonise Africa has ringfenced the court with orgonite in order to lift the energy and support a truthful positive outcome for this momentuous decision. 

    Liberty Fighters Network rocks! Orgonite rocks!  

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