Some exciting changes that I want to tell you about: 
  1. We have been listening to our customers world wide and decided to bring free shipping back. So from now on all orders over 100 British pounds, 135 USD, 120 Euro or 1900 Rand go for free. The reason for this threshold is clear. An international parcel to most destinations costs us about 20 USD for the first half kilo. So we can't send a single towerbuster or pendant with free shipping. But for bigger orders it becomes effectively a discount and an incentive.     
  2. The German depot is being phased out because Katharina is not available to do it in the future. In other words, all shipments are from South Africa with DHL now. That is a reliable and fast way to do it. Unfortunately it cannot be tax free to the EU destinations like in the past. (we used to import the goods into Germany and pay the import taxes and duties) But with the saved shipping cost it should work out ok for you.   
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