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  1. Lament for Lahaina

    A burnt offering for Baal / Molech or just a row of stupid coincidences?

    Forest fires and firestorms everywhere. The UN Secretary General has upgraded us from "Global Warming" to "Global Boiling".

    Orange-red colored weather maps with mild temperatures, record temperatures measured at ground level over heated tar surfaces, while at the same place the normal themometers show pleasant summer temperatures and an endless bombardment with bad news: All these are supposed to enable the insane change of course towards the abolition of mankind as we know it. 

    Let's take a closer look at the latest horror on the Hawaiian island of Maui:  

    Either an unfortunate combination of negligence, incompetence, triggered by random natural events, or part of the satanic game of the elites?

    You decide for yourself what you want to believe.

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  2. High Court Busted

    High Court Busted

    Liberty Fighters Network's Reyno De Beer taking his spectacular legal battle against the draconic COVID regulations a step further by asking the Court to declare the government of South Africa IN CONTEMPT OF COURT and arrest Minister Dlamini Zuma. Orgonise Africa has ringfenced the court with orgonite in order to lift the energy and support a truthful positive outcome for this momentuous decision. 

    Liberty Fighters Network rocks! Orgonite rocks!  

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  3. Wild Wild World

    Only weeks ago people peacefully demonstrating for their civil rights were not allowed to gather in groups bigger than 15 and now suddenly we see mass riots that are de facto endorsed by all globalist governments and aligned corporate media + the whole "woke" PC crowd who were not hesitating to destroy your very existence by enforcing draconian lockdown rules and taking your rights away 5 minutes ago .

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  4. Corona, 5g und Orgonit

    Corona, 5g und Orgonit

    Viele Leute haben über einen Zusammenhang zwischen dem 5g-Rollout und dem Auftreten von Corona-Hotspots gesprochen.
    In vielen Fällen hat dies zu "Maschinenstürmer - Aktionen" besorgter Bürger geführt, die in vielen Ländern neu installierte 5g-Antennen in Brand setzten. (Wir befürworten solche Gewalt nicht, weil wir glauben, dass wir eine bessere Option haben).  
    Gleichzeitig stellen wir fest, dass die Zensur aller Inhalte, die 5g und Corona verbinden, in den sozialen Medien auf einem absoluten Höhepunkt angelangt ist. Sogar unsere bezahlten Google-Anzeigen für den 5g-Equalizer wurden plötzlich nicht mehr zugelassen.

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  5. Corona 5g and Orgonite

    Corona 5g and Orgonite

    A lot of people have been talking about a connection between the 5g rollout and the occurrence of Corona Hotspots.
    In many cases this has led to "luddite actions" of concerned citizens setting newly installed 5g antennas alight in many countries. (We are not advocating violence like that because we think we have a better option)  
    At the same time we see that corporate censorship against any content connecting 5g and Corona is at an absolute all time peak. Even our paid Google Ads for the 5g Equalizer have been disallowed suddenly.
    Since censorship is a sure sign of system insecurity we can see this almost as an admission of guilt. 

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  6. Corona Protection

    Corona Protection

    COVID-19: Virus Infection or electromagnetic overload?

    "We must be quite clear about this: in the days when there were no electric currents, when there were no electric wires buzzing in the air, it was easier to be human." ... 

    Rudolf Steiner

    All major epidemics of he last 100+ years coincided with a major step-up of the electromagnetic soup that surrounds us.

    1918: massive rollout of electrification around the world, first introduction of radiowaves world wide ==> Spanish Flu

    WWII: Invention of radar - microwaves buzzing the atmosphere the first time in human history ==> major epidemics, aided by starvation

    1968: satellites start rounding the earth ==> outbreak of the "Hong Kong flu"   

    2019-2020: In the last 6 month a major quantum leap in the roll out of electromagnetic frequencies has happened. 20,000 new radiation emitting satellites blanketing the earth,

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  7. The floodgates of heaven

    The floodgates of heaven

    Karoo rain Orgonite Gifting Expedition turned out a great success, exceeding our wildest expectations. All the places we visited are being drenched in rain including those we gifted earlier. No more drought for now. This is really nice to see and a great confirmation. Farmers from all over the Karoo are jubilating and praising the Lord (they don't know about us) abundantly. It looks like the resurrection from the dead..

    Orgonite rocks!

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  8. Raindrops falling on my head..

    Raindrops falling on my head..

    Operation Karoo Rain: 4800 km travelled, 5 full sized Cloudbusters, 6 Single pipe CBs and more than 500 smaller orgone generators placed.. 

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  9. Karoo Orgonite Expedition Update

    Karoo Orgonite Expedition Update

    We definitely think the Karoo needs more attention. It is quite likely that a lot of weather modification technology is still secretly active there, similar to what recently happened in Australia. I hope the Australian Gifters will take care of the now clearly identified HAARP bases. The Karoo is the only place were we still get frequent reports of massive chemtrails from. (Yes, there are some in Western Cape still, but it's not major)

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  10. The Battle Plan - Rain for the Karoo

    The Battle Plan - Rain for the Karoo

    Orgonise Africa preparing for next expedition to the drought stressed Karoo. First successes have brought first rain in parts of the aroo this week. We want to make this permanent.  

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