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Essential Orgonite

Essential Orgonite

Personal Healing Kit

Personal Healing Kit

Orgone Jet Set Kit

Save 15%!

30 Orgonite TBs, 5 Orgonite Earth Pipes, 5 small Orgonite Dolphin Busters and 3 orgonite HHGs should leave a lasting effect wherever it is that you are planning to go. Or use it to seriously orgonise your home town.

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The true Orgone Warrior travels light!

Before you book your next holiday to an exotic destination (all these places need gifting and many tropical paradises are in truth hell holes ruled by fear as soon as you veer of the beaten tourist track) make sure you have the Jet set traveler pack ready.

It takes about 6-7 kg in your luggage, that's pretty much the space you will need for all those souvenirs you want to bring home.

30 TBs, 5 Earth Pipes, 3 HHGs and 5 small dolphin busters should make a difference at the places you visit.

Of course you can also use this assortment of orgone generators in your hometown. Nothing wrong with that.

This Tactical Orgonite package price is 15% cheaper than buying all the components separately.

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